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Trail Etiquette #2 – Wildlife in the Whiteshell

Welcome to part two of our ongoing Trail Etiquette series. Learn helpful tips, what to do, and what not to do while enjoying the many trails in the Whiteshell.

Photo by Kyle Schappert

Here in the Whiteshell, we are lucky to take a front-row seat to wildlife in action. Visitors to the park may see playful red foxes, valiant bald eagles, prehistoric turtles, regal owls, bear mamas with their cubs, bright-eyed dear, and more! What wildlife have you seen in the Whiteshell?

Trail Etiquette #2: Let the wildlife remain wild.

Photo by Tanner Banas

Do not touch, get close to, feed, or pick up wild animals.⠀

Observe wildlife from a distance- do not disturb their habitat for a “better look”. Here are some guidelines that may help the next time you encounter wildlife:⠀

  • Observe them from afar so they don’t get accustomed to human interactions, or forced to flee.
  • Stay in your vehicle when you’ve encountered an animal near the road, and use zoom lenses to capture animals rather than going closer to them. 
  • Secure food and leave nothing behind on trails. Discards from human food may attract wildlife and interrupt their natural nutrition. When wildlife eats human food they become habituated, which can lead to aggression, and having them stop foraging for food naturally.
  • Follow leash regulations. In Manitoba, The Provincial Parks Act requires all pets to be leashed.


Photo by Inverness Falls Resort
Photo by @titesou

Remember – you’re in their home, not the other way around.

Habituated animals often need to be relocated or euthanized for displaying issues related to interactions with humans. Being responsible outdoors means less negative effects on these incredible creatures, and more to roam, undisturbed, with a chance of us witnessing their beauty!