Explore the Whiteshell

Welcome to the Whiteshell

Photo by Emily Christie

Rushing rivers, sandy beaches, rugged rock faces, and two hundred lakes surrounded by dense boreal forest. Black spruce trees intermix with bountiful wild blueberries and a vivid array of moss. 

This is what sets our stage.

Welcome to the Whiteshell Provincial Park, located in the Canadian Shield in Manitoba, Canada. Boasting rare archeological sites of petroforms on flat granite ridges, a meteor-formed lake plummeting 377 feet (the deepest lake in MB!), and a four-season playground for nature lovers. 

If you’re reading this, you might be like us. 

Do you dream of hiking paths winding through pine trees, a cabin beneath a sky full of stars, and your canoe paddle cutting into water still as glass? Perhaps you find sand or pine needles in the bottom of your sleeping bag, mud on your boots, or smoke lingering on your clothes.  

If you’re anything like us, the outdoors is home.

Join along as we dive deeper into what the Whiteshell has to offer. This is the place for tips from the locals, exciting events, helpful how-tos and hidden gems. Don’t miss out on your next adventure idea! 

Photo by Kyle Schappert