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6 things to do in the Whiteshell on Spring Break


Spring Break is coming up, it’s time to find creative, fun and NEW ways to get the family out of the house and experiencing the outdoors. Here are 6 things to do in the Whiteshell this Spring Break!

Photo by Emily Christie
Photo by Emily Christie

1. Trail riding at Falcon Beach Ranch

The kind folks and friendly horses at Falcon Beach Ranch are ready to take you on a Whiteshell adventure. Ride through the boreal forest of the Whiteshell; alongside natural beaver ponds, up granite ridges and down natural sand slopes. All ages and riding levels welcome.

Photo by Kyle Schappert

2. A photo walk to Pine Point Rapids

Wander through the tall trees, find the bubbling rapids, check out the warming huts, and have a wiener roast alongside the rapids! Try out your photography skills by taking long-exposures of the running waters to capture beautiful motion blur!

Photo by Kyle Schappert

3. Experience a guided tour of Bannock Point Petroforms

Learn about the sacred ground and Anishinaabe cultural traditions, teachings and stories found at the Bannock Point Petroforms.

4. Get a bite to eat at Nite Hawk Cafe

Nite Hawk Cafe is busy cooking up delicious eats for adventurers and cottagers! Try one of their unique burgers… you won’t regret it.

Photo by Kyle Schappert

5. Visit Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary

Learn a thing or two in the visitors centre, have a picnic with the geese, watch the baby goslings and explore the area. Enjoy a lovely walking path, geese returning in spring, and listen to the therapeutic sounds of rushing water. Family-friendly and great for little children!

Photo by Wildhouse Media

6. Go mountain bikingĀ 

The Whiteshell boasts some incredible mountain biking trails! With options for all levels, it’s a fun way to be active and see the park!